Contributing Experts

October 6, 2011

Barbara Long, M.D., Ph.D

Barbara Long, MD, PhD is a psychiatrist in private practice in Atlanta.

Although her resume speaks to her broad experience treating patients and consulting in a variety of settings, such as inpatient, day patient, outpatient treatment, substance abuse, chronic pain, and consulting to the medical and surgical hospital units, including cardiac transplantation and artificial heart implantation, currently her focus is consulting to industry about workplace problems and to the legal profession about criminal matters or civil claims of psychological injury.

Dr. Long has done extensive clinical and educational work with young people in the "transition" years from late teenage through their 30s. This work culminated in her 2011 book: Keep Your Eye on the Prize!-- a Young Person's Guidebook to Adulthood (  Dr. Long recently published a book about dealing with the emotions of applying to college, Hold On To Your Hat! Handling the Roller Coaster Emotions of the College Application Process (  

In addition, she has a limited outpatient treatment practice. Her consulting work for corporations has dealt with sexual harassment, interpersonal conflict, behavioral problems, and threat assessment.


Dr. Long also has a blog called Dear Dr. Barbara, where she gives advice to young people.

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