Contributing Experts

April 25, 2012

E. David Crawford, M.D.

Dr. Crawford is the distinguished Professor of Surgery, Urology, and Radiation Oncology, the Head of the Section of Urologic Oncology at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, Chairman of the Prostate Conditions Education Council and founder of Bingham International Center for the 3D Diagnosis and Treatment of Prostate Cancer.

Dr. Crawford is an internationally recognized expert in benign prostate hypertrophy, urologic cancers, and, in particular, prostate cancer. The recipient of more than 69 research grants, he has conducted research in the treatment of advanced bladder cancer, metastatic adenocarcinoma of the prostate, hormone refractory prostate cancer, and other areas of urological infections and malignancies.

He has authored or co-authored more than 450 articles that have been published in such journals as Urology, The New England Journal of Medicine, the Journal of Urology and the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. He has published five textbooks and authored more than 50 book chapters, and is an editorial reviewer or consultant for a large number of publications.

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