Contributing Experts

May 19, 2011

Jim Crowell

Jim has a dynamic role within OPEX Fitness. He has his hand on the pulse of fitness with his head coaching role. He works with on-site and remote clients all over the world as they progress through their fitness journeys. Those personal interactions help him refine his coaching techniques and knowledge each and every day.

On the flip side of coaching, Jim manages both the Coaching Certificate Program as well as the Events Program with OPEX. The CCP Education Program currently has over 1,000 coaches in the queue and is growing exponentially. Jim is tasked with the refinement and growth of the program on an international level. This role allows him to put his hand on how and where the fitness industry is evolving in the short- and long-run. The two roles are a fantastic merger of coaching and business which has proven to be a unique skill set in the industry

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